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One stop store for slipper making businesses to buy a variety of Kids Transparent Slipper Strap, Rubber Slipper Strap and more, from..

An Introduction

Slippers or flip flops are undoubtedly the most comfortable variety of footwear. And, the best part of having them in footwear collection is that these can be worn both indoors and outdoors without any guilt of being caught by fashion police. When buying slippers for ourselves or our loved ones, we look for quality that too especially at the quality of the straps as stronger straps ensures higher durability of the slippers. Yet, we often overlook how imperative these slipper straps are and these only grab attention when these are about to break or are torn.

But what happens once these straps are broken, most of us get it replaced or repaired from the cobblers. When it comes to strap replacing, cobblers usually have limited options and we have to get the strap that does not match our slipper. To provide the market and people with unlimited options of slipper straps, we, Sachdeva Plastics, entrenched our roots as a manufacturer and supplier of Lady Opaque Colored Slipper Strap, Leather Look Slipper Strap, Kids Transparent Slipper Strap, and many more varieties.

How We Work..

Our work begins with the designing of product and selection of material. The sourced material are then modified at different manufacturing stages for creating our finished product. While carrying out the entire manufacturing process, we make optimum use of all the resources available to us. These resources may include both human and non-human resources. Optimum usage of these resources ensures that we produce good quality Leather Look Slipper Strap, Lady Opaque Colored Slipper Strap, Kids Transparent Slipper Strap, etc., while generating lesser waste.

Reasons to Ally With Us..

Following are the reasons for which our clients prefer allying with us than any other business:

  • Variety: We provide our Lady Opaque Colored Slipper Strap, Leather Look Slipper Strap, Kids Transparent Slipper Strap and other slipper straps in innumerable designs, color combinations, patterns and material to suffice the diverse requirements of footwear fashion industry.
  • Safe and on-time shipment: We use the safest and shortest shipment mode and route for ensuring safe and on-time delivery of all the orders.
  • Affordability: As much we focus on the quality of our offerings, we also keep a close tab over the price of our range. Therefore, we provide our slipper straps at a range that is economically feasible.